A BenchCAT™ is a fully automated and customized microreactor available in single or multiple stations.  These instruments are typically designed with a specific application in mind.  Altamira will work with you in the step-by-step process of building your customized reactor system.
If you would like us to quote a BenchCAT™ please download this QuestionnaireSince a BenchCAT™ microreactor system is custom-designed to the user’s needs, Altamira asks the scientist to provide some general information regarding their intended applications.  More detailed information may then be required for a solution to a complex set of needs. Please see the BenchCAT™ Brochure here.

Application: Studies of hydrocarbon hydrogenation
Name: BenchCAT 1000R HP

This unit consists of one fixed bed reactor for a gas phase hydrogenation reaction. The feed module can deliver three gases and one liquid. The reactor tube is stainless steel and can operate at temperatures up to 600°C at 100 atmospheres.

The reactor module uses a three-zone furnace and the flow can be operated in an up-flow or down-flow configuration.  The reactor effluent is routed to a gas/liquid separator where analysis can occur. Safety features include a hydrocarbon detector integrated into the computer software prompting error messages, alarms, or automatic shutdown.

Application: Studies of gas-phase reactions, such as methanol to formaldehyde.

Name: BenchCAT 4000R HP

This unit consists of 4 parallel reactors with independent gas and liquid feeds.  Each reactor features four gas feeds and 1 liquid feed with vaporizer. The reactor tubes can hold up to one gram of catalyst and are stainless steel operating at temperatures and pressures up to 600oC and 30 atmospheres, respectively. 

All reactor effluents are routed through heated lines to a heated multi-position valve for sequential sampling into a mass spectrometer.  Lexan covers are provided for added safety.

We have also built systems for the following applications:

  • Engine Exhaust Studies, including Diesel Catalyst Studies
  • MAT Reactors
  • Fuel Cell Catalytic Membrane Studies
  • Fisher Tropsch Studies
  • Gasification
  • Pyrolysis
  • Hydrocarbon Dehydrogenation Studies
  • Reactions Studies of Acetic Acid
  • Biofuel Reaction Studies (BenchCAT for Biofuels)

Altamira Instruments has extensive experience in the design and construction of BenchCAT reactors for biofuel applications. The study of biofuel processes has become a significant area of research, please read more about our specific Biofuel BenchCATs. 

Three specific applications are:

  • Via Gasification of Biomass
  • Via Alcohols
  • Via Trans-Esterification