Rheometer for the quality control of your concretes and mortars

General – Principle

The latest addition to the RheoCAD range, concrete and concrete rheometers, the RheoCAD450 is mainly intended for quality control laboratories and on-site tests. Its design has been oriented to maintain the quality of measurement and robustness of the instrument. It can scan 4 decades of rotation and torque measurement. This feature allows sample measurement with extensive rheological properties.


The RheoCAD450 is supplied with a bowl of 24 L (diameter = 300 mm) and 2 measuring wheels: a vane (diameter = 120 mm) and a double helix (diameter = 160 mm). Both combinations offer the possibility of measuring samples containing aggregates up to 20 mm in size. The measurement protocol is based on a downward ramp then upwards between 2 user-defined rotational speeds. The measurement of the resistant torque under these conditions gives access to the properties of threshold, plastic viscosity or thixotropy. The speed of the mobile is controlled from 0.01 rpm to 250 rpm and driven by software. A data acquisition and export of data under EXCEL® then allow to process your data.