High performance rheometer for concrete and mortar

General – Principle

Big brother of the RheoCAD420 by its size and the capacity of its bowl, the RheoCAD500 is a rheometer whose use is mainly intended for the study of building materials, such as mortars and fresh concrete to concretes of equivalent consistency S4. The RheoCAD500 imposes a rotational speed on a mobile immersed in a bowl containing the sample and measures the resulting resistant torque. The device offers multiple possibilities of speed control to obtain the best rheograms.


  • Step Programming
  • Linear scale
  • Logarithmic scale
  • Manual, Quick or Expert Mode
  • Rheological modeling
  • Export to Excel table

The strength of the RheoCAD500 lies in its ability to scan 5 decades of shear velocities as well as stress measurement. It has a very good sensitivity to small speeds allowing the study of phenomena such as thixotropy or the restructuring of concrete. Its use can of course be extended to other complex fluids or developing a high shear torque: concentrated suspension, (food) pasty materials or magneto-fluids for example.

  • A high sensitivity torque meter is used with a measurement scale ranging from 0.0001 to 10 Nm
  • Possibility of custom bowls and blades on demand.
  • A control system of control can be programmed in speed or imposed torque.
  • The speed of the mobile is controlled from 0.001 rpm to 250 rpm.
  • Full control of the unit via a computer, using a USB interface.
  • Control of the software by a user menu offering automation and data acquisition possibilities.


  • Measurement of rheological properties of cements and mortars, BAP
  • Study of the concrete restructuring
  • Determination of the workability of fresh concretes
  • Characterization of adjuvants