Pore Modelling Software

Traditional approach

You may not realise it, but when you analyse porometry curves, you are implicitly assuming a capillary bundle model. A PoreXpert® example, based on a POROLUX™ datafile, is shown on the right.  Such a structure type is appropriate for a few samples – for example track-etched membranes.

PoreXpert® approach

However, most porous materials have a three-dimensionally inter-connected network of voids.  Shown on the right is the PoreXpert® reconstruction of a porous ceramic with 20 % porosity and a fully interconnected structure, showing the solid phase as transparent and the extent of wetting (blue) after 20 milliseconds.  As it can be seen, the wetting of the structure is not completed. By selecting other times, PoreXpert® can simulate the extent of wetting across the structure.

The shapes of the voids are simplified – boxes connected by cylinders – but shape is usually irrelevant – it is the volume of each pore, its cross-section, and the way it is connected that matters, and all these characteristics are quantitatively matched to the experimental properties. So based on a structure designed by PoreXpert®, if a material with such structure was reconstructed and measured with a POROLUX™ porometer, it would give exactly the same experimental porometry results.

Features depend on the version of PoreXpert™ being used.  However, all features are available to users of any version of PoreXpert™, by purchasing processing time on the PoreXpert™ Cloud or PoreXpert™ Professional Cloud servers.

Automatic import of POROLUXTM porometer data files.
Up to 108,000 void features 30 x 30 x 30 cubic structure,
Cuboidal structures
Virtual reality visualisation Capillary bundle,
3D void network
Targeted modification Feature resizing,
Feature removal
Filtration Visualisation,
Efficiency graphs
Fluid migration
Fluid uptake Wetting,
Thermal conductivity
Pore and throat size distribution By number,
By volume
Connectivity distribution By number,
By volume
Batch mode operation
Parallel processing of operations
Content distribution
User editable materials database
Free PoreXpert ™file viewers (PoreXtract™) for mobile phones and tablets (iOS and Android) and for Windows.
Online help system
German and Italian user interfaces

System Requirements:

PoreXpert® is designed to run your computer to its maximum possible capacity. Please check the minimum system requirements for a successful installation of PoreXpert®.

If your computer operates in a system previous to Windows XP SP3 and above / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 please contact us.

If your computer has Windows XP SP2, please download the Microsoft support package on their website. It is free for users who have a genuine version of Windows. Microsoft itself does not support Windows XP SP2 anymore and, therefore PoreXpert does not work in Windows XP SP2